Making change is hard and having support through it can be hugely helpful. 




Emotional Eating 

Disordered eating patterns can lead to poor insulin control and weight gain and high blood pressure.

Do you find yourself turning to food when you experience certain emotions? For instance, searching for sugary foods when you feel sad or seeking out crisps when you feel stress? 

If you believe that you are hungry but only want to eat unhealthy foods, I can help you find the difference between eating for nutrition and eating to soothe your self and we can find other ways to give your emotions the kindness they deserve.

Compulsive Behaviour

Compulsive behaviour comes from the development of poor coping mechanisms over time. When repeated, poor coping mechanisms become ingrained into our neural pathways, much like a muddy path across a lawn that develops because it's quicker than walking around to the path. 

For some people, these coping mechanisms are damaging to daily life. Excessive gambling, porn use, sex, alcohol and risky behaviours can impact our ability to go about our daily lives. The desire to carry them out can be so strong that people miss work, lose their relationships with loved ones and suffer financial loss.

Creating new, healthier neural pathways and learning to ride the wave of the compulsion, leads to better emotional regulation and self kindness.

Public Speaking

If you dread the moment when it's your turn to speak up in a meeting and you have nightmares about it, you aren't alone. Lots of people dread that moment.

Using body language and visualisation techniques, I can change the way you feel about public speaking so you feel confident and focussed.

Body Image 

Having a poor body image can be soul destroying, looking into the mirror and disliking what you see probably means that you avoid looking at yourself and you might feel awkward when people compliment you. 

Disliking your body can mean that you don't want to be touched on certain areas and might avoid physical connection with others. This becomes an uncomfortable cycle of wanting to be close but not feeling exposed.

Body image work can change the way you feel about yourself, inside and out. It's not uncommon to recognise yourself in all of the sections on this page and that is where coaching can help you to make small changes, one step at a time.




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